Terms & Policies


Reserving Rentals

  1. A 50% deposit is required to secure rental items for event date.  Deposit will be applied to final bill and balance, due prior to pick up or delivery.  The date and rental items are not reserved until deposit and signed rental agreement are submitted to and received by Balancing Balloons.  The deposit is nonrefundable. Adjustments to quantities (with in 10% of original quantity) and items can be edited, if available, 10 days prior to the date of event.

Receiving and Returning Rentals

  1. Invoice is to be paid in full prior to or at time of customer pick-up or Balancing Balloons delivery.

  2. Delivery is CURBSIDE unless noted otherwise on invoice/quote. Any delivery prior to 9am will include a before hours increase charge of $50 per hour.

  3. Pickup is CURBSIDE unless noted otherwise on the invoice/quote.  Any pickup after 9pm will include an after hours increase charge of $50 per hour.

  4. All food service items must be wiped/rinsed free of food or debris prior to return .  A $200 cleaning fee will be charged if the items are not left in this condition. All items must be packed for pickup and returned in the original packaging provided. 

  5. Renter is responsible for replacement fees of any item not returned or broken, including rentals and packaging materials.  Replacement fee is 6x the rental cost.

  6. Renter shall return items or have them ready for pick up on date and time agreed upon.  All rentals are for 72 hours. Additional daily rental fees will apply for late returns.


  1. Cancellation of entire order must be made 60 days prior to event. Deposit remains non-refundable.  

  2. Cancellation less than 60 days prior to event, you are responsible for paying 20% of the remaining balance.

  3. Cancellation less than 30 days to event, you are responsible for paying entire remaining balance. 

  4. You may continue adding items to your order if they are available for your date. A retainer deposit of 50% will be due for additional items. 


  1. The renter is responsible for loss or damage of items and will pay for the cost of replacement or repair.  The repair cost will be assessed within 10 days of return and presented in a separate invoice payable within 15 days.  The replacement fee for rentals is 6x the rental cost.

  2. Client is responsible for counting & inspecting items upon delivery; otherwise delivery totals are considered correct. 


  1. The renter agrees that Balancing Balloons holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by the use of rental items to renter or any third party.  The renter assumes all risk of personal property damage or personal injury and if any accident involving Balancing Balloons rental items has occurred while it is in the renter’s possession, renter shall make Balancing Balloons aware by written statement of details of occurrence of event including police report and names and addresses of witnesses.     

  2. Renter agrees that they will immediately stop use of any equipment that is unsafe or in state of disrepair. 

  3. Balancing Balloons is under no contract with the client other than what is stated above. We hold the right to refuse, deny and/or hold any order regardless of length of the business relationship. We hold the right to refuse, deny and/or hold any order due to lack of payment for original invoices, late fees, replacement fees and/or any other fee outlined above. Details Balancing Balloons is not responsible for the fees charged by any other company for your rental needs due to Balancing Balloons refusing, denying and/or holding orders. 


  1. Returned checks will incur additional charges including but not exceeding all bank fees plus $15 processing fee.

  2. Refund requests must be made in writing, and will be responded to promptly by Balancing Balloons.  If equipment is ordered and picked up or delivered but not used, no refund will be approved.

  3. Renter hereby agrees to pay sum. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or check made payable to Balancing Balloons.

  4. A credit card must be kept on file for damaged or missing items.